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Traditional Thai Massage:
A deeply relaxing combination of gentle stretches, rhythmic palm presses, and acupressure along Sen energy meridians.
This intrinsically meditative massage aids flexibility while releasing tension, promoting the free flow of chi through the meridians.
Based on yoga, thai massage is done on a mat on the floor, creating a comfortable grounding effect. Loose,flexible clothing is to be worn as there is no oil used in this treatment.

Saitai Shiatsu:
This invigorating system of massage originates in Japan. It is used to initiate the body's own innate healing process by stimulation of acupressure meridians infused with gentle stretching to awaken the lymphatic system, enhance the quality of blood and lymph, and promote circulation back to the heart.
Shiatsu is done on a mat on the floor, and loose clothing is to be worn.

As part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tuina uses a variety of specialized hand techniques and acupressure to clear out obstructions that cause pain, restoring the flow of blood and qi , and returning the body to balance. Tuina effectively aids healing of soft tissue and joint disease, as well as internal disorders such as digestive problems, insomnia, and reproductive health.
This treatment is done on the table, over comfortable clothing or over a sheet drape.

Fusion Bodywork:
A customized massage treatment blending techniques from around the globe. A variety of effective modalities are integrated according to ones own specific needs. Whether it be experiencing a relaxing parasympathetic massage, or being engaged on a particular problem muscle group, the infusion will always be unique to the individual.
Oil or lotion may be used in this table massage.

Energy Work:
Based on Qi Gong and or Jin Shin, Energy Work, although subtle, is deeply powerful, even though there is little to no hands on body contact. Energy Work is balancing, grounding, revitalizing, and nurturing. With the intention of healing, inducing a state of meditation, one will emerge with a renewed sensation of well being.
This treatment may be integrated into any bodywork session, or it may be a whole treatment on it's own.

What Massage Therapy can do for you:

Relieve Tension and Stress
Increase Circulation of Blood and Lymph
Relax Muscles
Release Toxins
Increase Flexibility, and Range of Motion
Boost Immune System
Reduce Tension Headaches and Migraines
Relieve Pain
Calm the mind
Generate Energy and Reduce Fatigue